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RRVVM Current News

2017 should see 90% of the construction being completed for Phase I thru III. Irrigation, grass and lighting should be installed by mid-summer. Phase 4 will be to the east and we are just now discussing the layout. Included in Phase IV will be an elevated Cobra helicopter.

We have placed an order for our 1st bronze statue; a dog handler and a war dog that will honor all dogs and handlers. Hopefully that statue will be completed by the end of July. Also we are working on sponsorship of 2 more bronze statues. As soon as we have the art work for the statues we will post them along with the pricing for the sponsorship. The other statues are a wounded soldier on a stretcher with a medic attending to him and we will also have a soldier who was killed in action and will show the wife at the funeral holding a folded flag at the service with the young child at her side. This statue will be called Grieving Family Statue.

We also have a sponsor for the Texas Revolution, WWI, WWII Pacific, WWII European, Vietnam and Civil War Conflict Walls. We are working on getting all of the Family Benches and Tree Pavers installed in Phase III.

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